Gadget SX 300: Captures Visuals And Audio In Crisp Way!

Product at Glance: Gadget SX 300 is a type of camera that is mounted on the dashboard of your car. It is designed using notch grade electronic components and follows an advanced technology. This device is invented to record images and audio while you are driving. It captures the visual in high definition and assists you and your belongings from damage.

Driver’s safety is a matter of massive concern. During your driving experience, it’s common to come across reckless drivers including drunk drivers and those cause road rage related incidents. Complaining about such drivers can be difficult where there is no evidence. But what if you can have one small but powerful device to solve such issues.

Road trip is meant for fun moments. Capturing those moments is very important as it keeps memories that one can easily revisit.  What if there is a small camera mounted in your car. If you install a high definition video recorder in your vehicle then it will capture every tiniest detail of your journey and road events.

 About Gadget SX 300

Gadget SX 300 is designed to capture every sound and image of events taking place in the car and also on the road. This electronic device provides efficient and real time proof in case of an accident. Suppose your vehicle was involved, then there will be a evidence and you can prove yourself innocent by retrieving the recorded footage to legal authorities or for premium insurance. This gadget works to preserve the memories of your road trips or commute with high resolution and high definition lens.

 Products Specification

  • 126 degree wide angle lens
  • Adjustable dual WDR for light correction
  • LCD touch screen
  • GPS and speed detector
  • 32 GB micro SD card expandable
  • Wi-fi connectivity capabilities and compatible with Android and ios application

 How Gadget SX 300 Works?

Gadget SX 300 can effortlessly mount in the car’s dashboard and protects you and your finances from reckless driving. This electronic media is featured with G sensor that saves the footage automatically and detects sharp turns. It has in built microphone that records audio along with visuals. They are developed to meet the needs that arise while driving a four wheeler as it keeps your vision clear and protects you from losing your items.

 Features Of Gadget SX 300

  • Wide angles lenses that dynamically record more of the areas surrounding the vehicle
  • Equipped with G-sensor identifies sharp turns, rapid braking and other intimations of collision
  • Records video in HD for more clarity
  • Ability to adjust light with an image while recording so that night shots appear more clears
  • Long backup battery life

 Benefits Of Using Gadget SX 300

  • Efficiently prevent parking accidents
  • Records inside as well as outside footage
  • Perfect solution for undisciplined drivers
  • Captures every single detail that takes place on the road
  • Great investment that will help you turn your road trip into a great experience and memory
  • Comes with plenty of useful features that can benefit you on many different levels

 Where To Buy Gadget SX 300?

You can buy this product from the brand’s official website. To ease your task, here is a link provided at the end of this article and this will directly redirect you towards the related website. There you need to fill a contact details form and pay the delivery amount. Once you complete the booking process your product will be delivered at your doorstep within few days.

 Contact Details

For your convenience, customer care unit is available 24*7 for you. You can resolve your queries via the following details given below:

Email address: [email protected]

Toll free number: 484-226-1141